Manifesto for the Built Environment supply chain

A future Government and Parliament should commit to three-points for a world-leading UK specialist engineering supply chain in the built environment: Bring legislation to protect all retention monies in a ring-fenced account, as first step towards zero retentions by 2025, and prioritise review of the ‘Construction Act’. From 2021 all publicly-funded built environment work over [...]

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Our response to the industrial strategy 2017 consultation

The Specialist Engineering Contractors' (SEC) Group submitted their response to the Government's Green Paper on the industrial strategy in April 2017. Our response concentrates on actions that can create and maintain a healthy supply chain, ensuring the growth of firms in the specialist engineering sector and facilitating a fertile environment for innovation, support for skills [...]

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Over £1bn cash retentions held from UK top construction companies: SMEs mainly at risk

An analysis of the accounts of the UK’s top 12 construction companies has revealed that the 9 which published separate figures for retentions are owed more than £800m, indicating that the 12 together are owed over £1 billion of cash retentions.  The analysis was carried out for leading construction representative body, the Specialist Engineering Contractors’ [...]

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Read Your Payment Terms First

Barrister, Professor Rudi Klein, advises on the importance of being clear on your payment terms Go to your payment terms first When initially presented with contractual documentation, always check the payment terms first.  If they are not satisfactory, any issues should be resolved at the outset.  It is not unusual for discrepancies to arise where [...]

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Mandating the use of NEC subcontracts

Occasionally in these editorials I have expressed surprise that there is a general lack of insistence by clients on the use of NEC subcontracts. I do not understand how the collaborative and pro-active management mechanisms in NEC can operate effectively unless they also apply to a supply chain that delivers – in value terms – [...]

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Bonfire Of The Charters

or the story of Reggie the Roofer Reggie has been in the roofing business for many years.  Much of his business comes from tier 1 contractors working in the public sector. Reggie has a good memory.  He recalls attending a launch of the “Fair Payment Charter” on 19 September 2007.  This charter was signed off [...]

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