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Reasons to join SEC Group

Umbrella organisation

Being an umbrella organisation, SEC Group exclusively represents the interests of the specialist contractors across the UK and can have greater power and influence over government, devolved administrations and government bodies rather than individual trade associations.

Representation of the specialist engineering contractors’ sector and workforce

SEC Group accounts for the largest sector in UK Construction (by value). It currently represents the interests of 6 Trade Associations collectively representing over 60,000 firms and a workforce of 300,000 people. SEC Group member associations have an equal voice in  policy making and they set the agenda for the organisation through their participation on the UK-wide Board and Committees operating in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There is a focused Health & Safety Committee which examines issues relating to Health, Safety and Welfare.

Association members are kept up to date as SEC Group is constantly in touch with developments in construction which may affect the workforce and businesses. SEC Group communicates directly with its members through regular email newsletter, and with the wider sector through the website, social media press releases and articles in the construction press.

Key issues

SEC Group members agree collectively the priorities for each year. In 2016 SEC Group was instrumental in getting the Government to launch an independent report on cash retentions in the construction industry and we are awaiting the result in 2017. SEC Group continues to promote prompt payment practices and collaborative working through Project Bank Accounts, Integrated Project Insurance, the standardisation of prequalification, digital payments, BIM and professional accreditation.

High level representation and a strong UK-wide voice in commercial issues impacting upon specialist contractors

SEC Group has a presence throughout the UK. It is regarded in Westminster as the authoritative voice for engineering in construction and it is highly respected by Ministers, civil servants and Parliamentarians for its well argued and informed briefings on issues affecting the sector.

Through SEC Group Wales, SEC Group Northern Ireland and SEC Group Scotland it has a productive and on-going dialogue with the Devolved Administrations.


SEC Group updates, informs and advises member associations and their members through seminars, presentations, and information dissemination. SEC Group website contains both the latest and historical documents which one may need in defending a current issue, such as in the case of late payment.