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SEC Group

SEC Group

The Specialist Engineering Contractors’ (SEC) Group exclusively represents the interests of the specialist contractors across the UK and is made up of the British Constructional Steelwork Association, ECA -Electrotechnical and engineering services trade body, Building Engineering Services Association, Lift and Escalator Industry Association, Scaffolding Association, SELECT (Electrical Contractors’ Association for Scotland) and the Scottish & Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers’​ Federation (SNIPEF).

The focus of SEC Group’s representation is on the engineering and support trades. SEC Group provides high-level, coordinated representation for engineering specialists working in the construction industry in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Specialist engineering contractors deliver design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, repair and replacement of complex structures and systems.

Overall, the specialist engineering sector includes 60,000 firms – largely SMEs – employing 300,000 people. SEC Group:

  • Represents the largest sector of UK construction by value. Firms represented by SEC Group account for 35% of construction output in the UK
  • Lobbies for fair supply chain payment
  • Links with a network of key contacts in government and industry
  • Advocates project bank accounts (PBAs) to protect suppliers
  • Seeks the abolition of the practice of retentions
  • Collaborates in the development and implementation of improved procurement methods, including the promotion of collaborative working and early engineering specialist involvement
  • Works towards a standard approach to prequalification
  • Offers free legal advice and support to member organisations
  • Represents the interests of the specialist engineering in government
  • Directly engages with devolved governments providing advice on construction procurement strategies with offices in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast

Firms represented by SEC Group:

  • promote and provide career and training opportunities for professional, management grades and craft apprentices, usually recruiting in excess of 5000 entrants annually
  • are committed to the protection of apprenticeships and the expansion of the apprenticeship programme

The specialist engineering contractors are at the cutting-edge of construction technologies such as digital engineering, building intelligence systems, robotics, telecommunications and 3-D printing. This requires a substantial investment in skills and know-how particularly in relation to design. Moreover they operate in a range of markets including renewable energies, water, oil and gas.

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